World-class Enterprise Content Management System

Cognition ECM provides all of the tools necessary to produce and manage content in any format, by multiple users across unlimited domains.

Cognition ECM delivers complex content management functionality via an intuitive user-interface and is ideal for both technical and non-technical users.

Cognition ECM has been deployed in numerous Corporate and Government Intranets and Public websites and provides a vast range of advanced enterprise features to enable organisations to manage and process large amounts of structured and unstructured content.

Cognition ECM

Cognition ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is the complete web content management solution.

Designed for secure access by multiple non-technical users, Cognition ECM offers a module for every web management requirement.

  • Internet (Public Website) Content Management
  • Product Catalogue Management
  • Intranet Content Management
  • Contact/Customer Management (CRM)
  • Events portal
  • e-Newsletter Generation
  • Dynamic PDF generation
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Online Survey Tool

Thanks to unique document profiling and its intelligent architecture, Cognition ECM enables comprehensive indexing, searching and management of all types of content across any number of discrete repositories.

Cognition ECM Features

Cognition ECM .gov

Izilla has released a version of Cognition ECM specifically to meet the Web Content Management needs of NSW Government Departments and Agencies.

Cognition 2008 provides out-of-the-box compliance with the NSW Government GCIO Website Style Directive. The system includes a set of preformatted, GCIO compliant content templates designed to allow seamless migration of existing web content and creation of new web content that meets GCIO Website Style Directive standards. In addition, all Cognition templates comply with The AGLS (Australian Government Locator Service) Metadata Standard.

Congition 2008 enforces compliance across all content repositories, for all content editors - delivering peace of mind for Information Managers.

Cognition includes the complete feature-set of the standard Cognition ECM release and is ideal for Content Management of multiple, publicly accessible or internal web sites.

Cognition ECM TestPoint

Cognition ECM Testpoint enables organisations to conduct testing and training of staff.

Testpoint integrates with HR systems and is ideal for managing regulatory and compliance testing and surveying of staff.

Cognition ECM TestPoint features

Coveo Enterprise Search

Izilla works closely with Hyperinsight Pty Ltd - an Australian company that is master reseller and distributor of the award-winning search engine software - Coveo Enterprise Search - developed by Coveo Solutions Inc (Canada and USA).

Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) 5.0 is the first commercially-viable enterprise search solution for todays complex data environments. Coveo Enterprise Search provides unbiased, secure information access for all documents and structured data stored in file systems, email servers, intranets, enterprise applications, databases, and Web sites. Based on industry standards, offering an award- winning combination of security, accuracy, and unrivaled user experience, Coveo Enterprise Search presents the best value in the marketplace. CES adheres to Active Directory, NTLM /NTFS security and offers both single sign-on and LDAP compliance in handling almost every type of file, including scanned documents and Audio-Video repositories. Working in close collaboration, Izilla and HyperInsight are able to offer virtually follow-the-sun support for Coveo.

Featured Cognition ECM Clients

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